‘No Nonsensense’ alkaline batteries on sale from Screwfix

Yesterday’s post brought a broadsheet sized sales brochure from Screwfix. Flicking through it among the offers on hammer drills and safety work boots I spotted deals on No Nonsense alkaline batteries which looks to be a Screwfix own brand.


The offers are on multipacks of AA, AAA and 9V batteries and so are only really suitable for those who get through a few batteries in one or more of these sizes. The prices look pretty keen compared to major brands of alkaline batteries such as Duracell and Energizer but cheaper AA and AAA alkaline cells can be found in places in Poundland and 99p Stores.

Looking at the No Nonsense batteries on sale on the Screwfix web site as well as alkaline cells they also have AAA 700mAh and AA 1300mAh Mi-MH batteries carrying the No Nonsense branding. No this is to be welcomed but their sleeves look almost identical to their alkaline equivalents so if you owned both I reckon it would be fairly easy to mix them up.

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