Russell Hobbs RHWM61200M 6Kg 1200rpm Washing Machine

On a visit to The Original Factory Shop I picked up one of their sales leaflets and noticed on it they were advertising a Russell Hobbs RHWM61200M 6Kg 1200rpm spin speed washing machine.


A look at The Original Factory Shop web site reveals they are offering a range of Russell Hobbs washing machines including both the white and black versions of the 6Kg RHWM61200 washing machine.

Now Russell Hobbs is not the first brand that comes to mind when I think of washing machines, I associate them with small electrical appliances such as kettles. It would be interesting to know if there is a Russell Hobbs factory out there making these washing machines or if they are getting another manufacturer to produce them for them?

A search found both Argos and Look Again selling similar 6Kg 1200rpm Russell Hobbs washing machines.

The prices for these Russell Hobbs washing machines did not look anything special and a look at the web site of specialist electrical retailer revealed 6Kg load with 1200rpm spin machines for less money from better known washing machine brands such as Indesit, Beko and Whirlpool.

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