Samsung ecobubble 7 Kg 1400 rpm washing machines

I recently spotted an advert for Currys offering a Samsung ecobubble washing machine for just £349.

A look at the Currys web site revealed the washing machine to be the Samsung Ecobubble WF70F5E2W4W which has a 7 kg wash load capacity and spin dries at a maximum of 1400 rpm. It would seem that in the UK the Samsung WF70F5E2W4W washing machine with its CrystalGloss design is exclusive to Currys.


That said other retailers carry a Samsung WF70F5E series 7kg 1,400rpm washing machine, the WF70F5E0W4 whose specification looks like it is identical apart from the CrystalGloss cosmetic finish. As I write this I have found three major national retailers selling the Samsung WF70F5E0W4 for just under £350.

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