The Silvercrest Infrared Stereo TV Listening System on sale at Lidl

One of the joys of German supermarket chains Lidl and Aldi is the short term offers they have on all sorts of products. The on that has just caught my eye is a technical product I didn’t know existed, a rechargable infrared stereo TV listening system.


The Silvercrest Infrared Stereo TV Listening System comprises:

  1. A base unit that converts the sound from a TV set or other audio source to an infrared signal which it transmits.
  2. The headphones with built in infrared receiver powered by a rechargable battery.

Now these would be useful for anyone who wants to listen to the television while others in the room but I get the impression they are being marketed at those with some hearing impairment as the Lidl web site says these headphones have “Optional compression transmits quieter sections louder with optional frequency boost for improved intelligibility“.

This unit is branded SilverCrest which is a Lidl own brand but a search reveals other infrared TV listening devices being sold at much higher prices, the two models that keep cropping up in search results are the Sennheiser Set830 and Geemarc CL7100.

It would be interesting to see a comparison test between the Lidl Silvercrest unit and the higher price units. Is the price difference reflected in the quality and design of the units or is it down to these being low sales volume specialist units that dealers have to make a large decent profit margin on while Lidl work on the principle of buy huge quantities and sell quickly.

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