Soundbars – newspaper 10 best range from £40 to £799

The speakers built into modern flatscreen TVs can be disappointing when it comes to sound quality and so many people ad a soundbar to improve their audio experience. There are a huge number of different soundbars out there on the market so how do you know which one to buy?

I was interested to see that the i newspaper set out to provide answers today with an article titled ‘The 10 Best Soundbars‘.

The thing that struck me about their ten recommendations was that the most expensive, the Monitor Audio ASB-2 at £799, was about 20 times the price of the cheapest.

So what was this low priced soundbar they recommended? It is the Goodmans 45W Bluetooth Soundbar model number GDSB02BT45 which as I write this both Maplin and The Co-operative Electrical have on sale for just £39.99.

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