Who makes Swan washing machines?

I spotted Swan branded washing machines on sale on the Very mail order web site and decided to find out more.

Swan used to be known for cookware such as frying pans and small kitchen electrical goods like kettles, not major appliances such as washing machines. It seems over time the Swan brand name has passed through various hands and these days it looks like is used by more than one company. For example AO.com carry a range of Swan microwave ovens and fridge freezers but the Swan washing machines are exclusively sold by the mail order group that is behind such names as Very, Littlewoods and Woolworths.

But who actually manufactures the Swan washing machines sold by Very and Littlewoods? I would love to know for sure who makes the current range of machines. There are clues as to who have made past models on the web site of spare supplier BuySpares with a replacement door handle being described as suitable for certain Bush and Swan models and a drum paddle also fitting Daewoo washing machines.

If anyone can throw any further light on the subject I would love to see comments left below.

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