Windows 10 Technical Preview available to download

I am running Windows 10 on my laptop computer. “What“, you say, “Windows 10, you mean Windows 8 or Winows 8.1, that’s the latest version of Windows released by Microsoft“.


Well when you talk about buying commercially available versions of Windows, either pre-installed on equipment or as over the counter DVDs, then yes Windows 8.1 is the most up to date you will get.

But I am not lying, I really have installed Window 10 on my six year old Dell Vostro 1510 notebook computer. It is the ‘Technical Preview‘ version of Windows 10 made available by the bods at Microsoft so that users can try it out and give feedback. As a preview version not all functions are likely to work properly, and it may be buggy, but as this is a development release that is to be expected.

First impressions are very positive, it looks good with the traditional Windows desktop with Start Button is back as the default set up for non touch screen devices. It would seem Microsoft have listened to all the criticism it received for trying to force its tiled home screen onto all users when it brought out Windows 8.

If you fancy trying Windows 10 Technical Preview for yourself then it can be downloaded from the Windows Insider Programme web site. I would suggest you only do this if you are confident you know what you are doing and would recommend installing it on a spare computer rather than one you rely on and do not want messed up.

Windows 10 Technical Preview is time limited software for testing purposes only and its licence will expire at some point, probably shortly after Windows 10 becomes commercially available.

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