What can your phones IMEI number tell you about it?

Have you got a mobile phone? If you have it will have a unique identifying serial number known as a IMEI (International Mobile Station Equipment Identity).


It is this IMEI number that mobile phone networks use to block cellphones that have been reported lost or stolen.

So what can you find out from your phones IMEI number? Well the web site IMEI.info will tell you the technical details of your phone just by typing in the IMEI number on the web site. While this service is free IMEI.info also offer a paid service which will check the IMEI against a blacklist.

So how do you find the IMEI number for your mobile phone? Well it will be recorded somewhere under the back cover if it is removable, possibly beneath the battery, but even easier than that you can just dial *#06# on your phone’s keypad and the IMEI should pop up on the display.

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