Changing the carbon brushes on a washing machine motor

Washing machines come fitted with two types of electric motor, either an induction motor or what is often referred to as a universal electric motor with carbon brushes.

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The main disadvantage of motors fitted with carbon brushes is that those brushes wear out and need to be replaced. The good news is that this can be a relatively straightforward process and replacement carbon brushes are readily available.

Symptoms of worn carbon brushes can include erratic motor behaviour or even the washing machine drum not turning at all after filling up with water.

The video below from Ransom Spares demonstrates the steps to change the brushes in a particular Bosch washing machine but as they say other machines will be similar.

One thing worth adding is that before tipping your washing machine on its side it is well worth taking off the access panel on the back of the machine and looking to see how best to get to the electric motor. On some machines the motor can be removed through the access panel opening.

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