Changing the battery on a Casio MQ24 watch

My Casio MQ24 watch has performed brilliantly but eventually the battery died and needed replacement.


Now there are plenty of places that will change a watch battery for you at a price but they are quite straightforward to replace them yourself on these Casio watches.

The back cover can be removed by levering with a flat blade on the lips by the strap. I was going to take a photo to show where to lever but then I found the video below from Lin Le which demonstrates the technique.

The battery needed is a silver oxide SR626SW which also goes by other part numbers, most commonly 377. These are widely available and there are plenty of sellers on Amazon.

One thing that is worth noting is that these button cell batteries come in both silver oxide and alkaline construction. The alkaline ones are often found in those cards of different sized button batteries sold in pound shops. You need a silver oxide battery for your watch, in theory an alkaline one would work but I would not want to use one, they are not recommended and I have seen them leak while still in the card blister pack.

The Casio MQ24 range of watches are smart and available from sellers such as Amazon at very reasonable prices.

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