Electric shock danger from dodgy LED spotlight bulb

With rapid improvements in LED (light emitting diode) technology in recent times LED based light bulbs are are becoming more and more common.


The main reasons are down to their lower energy consumption than filament lamps and their potentially much longer life before needing replacement. These advantages are making LED bulbs especially popular in ceiling down-lights that use the GU10 twist fitting.

Now there are plenty of GU10 LED lamps of varying designs out there and if you purchase from reputable outlets such as Screwfix and Homebase they should be well designed and safe, however the video below shows a GU10 bulb bought from Ebay that has a ‘shocking‘ design flaw.

Given the potential danger I thought it wise to share the YouTube video.

What the video poster found was that this spotlight bulb had no covering over the LEDs or the two soldered joints that supply their power. On dismantling the bulb he found a simple mains dropper circuit which no transformer which would isolate the exposed connection from the mains electricity. Depending on which way the bulb was inserted into the holder there is a 50% chance of live mains being present on the exposed solder joint.

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