Error codes for Electrolux, Zanussi and AEG washing machines

Faulty washing machines that have display panels may display error codes to help diagnosis by washing machine repair engineers. So how do you interpret the error code on your washing machine at home? Well if it is an AEG, Zanussi or Electrolux the list of fault codes below might prove useful as all of these brands are part of the giant Electrolux group. Electrolux also make own brand washing machines for John Lewis.


This list of codes is for Electrolux made machines fitted with the EWM2100 electronic control system.

Spares for most makes of washing machine and many other appliances can be obtained online from retailers such as Buyspares.

Of course washing machine repairs should only be carried out by competent persons.


E11: Difficulty in filling water during washing phase
E12: Difficulty in filling water during drying
E13: Water leakage

E21: Difficulty in draining
E22: Difficulty in draining water during drying
E23: Malfunction of the component (triac) that controls the drain pump
E24: Sensing circuit of the component (triac) that controls the drain pump faulty

E35: Water level too high
E38: Pressure chamber blocked
E3A: Problems with Sensing circuit of the heating element relay

E41: Door open
E42: Problems with door aperture
E44: Door closure sensing circuit
E45: Problems with the sensing circuit of the triac that actions the door interlock

E51: Motor power triac short-circuited
E53: Problems with the Sensing circuit of the triac which powers the motor
E54: Motor relay contacts sticking

E61: Insufficient heating during washing
E62: Overheating during washing
E66: The contacts of the heating element power relay are always closed
E68: Washing heating element leaks current
E69: Washing heating element interrupted

E71: NTC washing sensor faulty
E72: Drying NTC sensor on condenser faulty
E73: NTC sensor on drying duct faulty
E74: NTC sensor wrongly positioned

E82: Error in reading the RESET/OFF position of the programme selector
E83: Error in reading the programme selector

E91: Communication error between user interface and main
E92: Protocol incongruence
E94: Washing cycle configuration error
E95: Communication failed between Eprom and microprocessor
E97: Incongruence between version of the control selector and configuration data

EA1: Drum positioning system (DSP) faulty (top-loaders)
EA6: Drum flap faulty (top-loaders)

EH1: Incorrect mains frequency
EH2: Mains voltage too high
EH3: Mains voltage too low

EF1: Drain hose blocked/throttled/too high; drain filter dirty/blocked
EF2: Overdosing of detergent; drain hose blocked/throttled; drain filter dirty/blocked
EF3: Intervention of Aqua Control device
EF4: Low water fill pressure and solenoid open
EF5: Load too unbalanced, skipping of spin phases
EF6: Appliance reset

EC1: Water fill solenoids blocked

ED1: Communication problems between main circuit board and WD board
ED2: Drying heating element 1
ED3: Drying heating element 2
ED4: Drying relays faulty
ED6: Communication failure between main circuit board and Satellite board

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