Expensive HDMI cables, better than cheap ones?

The HDMI cable has become a standard way of connecting AV equipment together.

Buy something like a new Blu-ray player and the salesperson may well ‘helpfully’ mention you might like to purchase a HDMI cable to go with it before showing you the range of cables they have available at wildly varying prices.

For example a quick look at Currys web site shows HDMI cables on sale for well under a tenner and Sandstrom and Belkin HDMI cables priced at well over £50.

So an expensive HDMI cable will give you a better picture than a cheap one from say Amazon or 7DayShop?

Well HDMI is a digital interface, data is transmitted in ‘1‘s and ‘0‘s. As long as the cable is wired up correctly what goes in one end should come out exactly the same the other, whatever the price of the cable. Yes newer standards add things like 3D capability and Ethernet but theory says that a cheap cable with these capabilities is the same as a much pricier one. Sales people with an eye on commission and sales figures may well disagree.

Of course if you are going to be regularly plugging and unplugging cable, for example hooking a laptop computer up to a projector, then it is probably worth buying a more durable cable than if you are just connecting a DVD player to to a TV and they will stay connected and undisturbed for years.

The video below from LockerGnome.com gives a rather good explanation of HDMI and getting past the sales hype.

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