How to change the DNS settings on a Plusnet Thomson TG585 broadband router

Ever wondered how to change the DNS settings on a Thomson TG585 ADSL router? I recently faced this challenge after hooking up a Thompson TG585 that had originally come as part of a Plusnet broadband subscription.

I had no problem getting the Thomson router to connect using the details for the new ISP but when it came to looking at the DNS settings I had to do some digging. I did find the IP address for the pre-set DNS and a Google search flag this up as being a server owned by BT which should not be surprising as Plusnet is owned by BT although run at arms length from the parent company.

I wanted to change the settings to use Google Public DNS instead but could not find anywhere in the settings web interface. Looking for information I discovered that the DNS settings on the Thomson TG585 are just not changeable from a web browser, you have to do it via Telnet using command line instructions. Luckily there is a very comprehensive set of instructions on just how to do this in the article “Changing the DNS of the PLUSNET Technicolor TG582n” on the web site.

Following the instruction I soon had the DNS setting set up as I wanted. I can see that if you are not used to using command line the task might seem a little daunting but follow step by step and you should get there.

Google DNS and OpenDNS settings

Here are the IP addresses you need for Google DNS and Open DNS





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