How to give a Furby the kiss of life (or where to find the Furby’s reset button)

Are you the proud owner of a dead Furby? I have come across a few people claiming they are, that their cute, furry computerised friend has expired and changing its batteries has failed to restore it to its chattering self.

Did you know your Furby is equipped with a reset button that may very well bring him or her back to life? No, well read on.

Like a lot of modern electronics that in effect are miniature computes the Furby can seize up and to overcome this the manufacturer includes a reset switch. It looks like this is in the same place on the vast majority of Furbys, if you have one with where it is elsewhere please help others by commenting below.

So where is that switch? Well remove the battery cover on the base and look around the outer edge of the battery compartment where the cover fits. You should notice a little pip of plastic sticking out with a depression in the middle just big enough to insert a cocktail stick or an unfolded paperclip. Congratulations you have found the reset switch on your Furby, go ahead and push the button inside that depression with a cocktail stick, paperclip or something else and hopefully your furry friend will wake up.

Ideally as with other equipment you should take the batteries out and leave them out for a few minutes before doing a reset.

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