Picking a computer lock

Many items of computer equipment, especially laptop and notebook computers, come with an anti theft Kensington Security Slot. A lock on the end of a cable goes into the slot tethering the equipment to prevent theft.

Image courtesy of Redline

Image courtesy of Redline

Now I had always considered this type of lock to be reasonably secure but then I came across the video below in which AintBigAintClever demonstrates one of these fitted with a tubular lock taking a cylindrical key being easily picked using just the plastic barrel of a pen.

I have done contract work in a large office building in the past where workers issued with laptops were also issued with Kensington locks to secure their computer to the desk while they were away from them. I was involved in distributing some of these and know they were genuine Kensington locks but other companies make them and there are some ridiculously cheap ones for sale on Ebay. I wonder how different locks stand up to the treatment shown below?

Having seen how quickly AintBigAintClever picked a keyed lock securing a monitor I think I would only by a combination Kensington lock if I needed one in the future.

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