How to remove the back cover from a Tesco Hudl tablet computer

The original Tesco Hudl tablet computer has sold in huge numbers. I have one myself and have been impressed with the build quality.


One thing I have noticed is there is no obvious way to remove the back cover to get at the electronics inside. Now this is not a bad thing, it improves the look of the tablet and prevents fiddling by those who do not know what they are doing, but there are reasons you might need to access the innards of the machine.

So how do you prise off the rear cover of you Tesco Hudl tablet? Well the video below made by Norwich Computers demonstrates how to release the hidden tabs and get that back off. They use a Stanley knife blade so obviously extreme care needs to be taken if you decide to open your Tesco tablet up.

One reason you might want to open your tablet up is to replace the charging port which seems to be proving the weak spot on many Tesco Hudl tablets. Replacements are available and a Google search brings up sellers on both Amazon and Ebay.

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