Replacing the screen on a Motorola Moto G mobile phone

So the screen on your Motorola Moto G smartphone is broken, it is either cracked or has developed some internal fault, what are your options?

As well as taking it to someone to have the screen replaced you could take things into your own hands and replace the screen yourself.

The people at the American company Fixez have come up with the video below taking you through the steps needed to disassemble and reassemble your Motorola Moto G, swapping the LCD screen in the process.

Being based in the USA I am not sure if they would supply parts to us here in the UK at economic prices once shipping and possible import duty has been added. Luckily parts are obtainable from suppliers here in the UK with sellers on Amazon and Ebay advertising them.

The only tip I could add to the video is that I would test the new screen was working immediately after reconnecting the battery and before replacing the torx screws just in case the LCD connector needed to be reseated.

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